Mighty Atom – DJ Mag Mix

This is a first class mix that Mighty Atom of The Disablists put together for DJ Mag. Musically, it’s not the sort of thing I’d normally post on here, but Mighty Atom is a DMC champ and this mix is really well put together and features some superb scratching, so I had to post it! The track listing is on the SoundCloud page. Check it ahhhhhhhhhhhhht…..

DJ Platurn – Crumblin’ Erb (The Outkast Mix)

Everyone likes Outkast, right? Well, if you do, check out this cool mix from DJ Platurn of the Oakland Faders.

Track listing: –

N2U ft. Khujo Goodie
Elevators (Medley)
Crumblin’ Erb
Jazzy Belle
Benz Or Beamer ft. Goodie Mob
She Lives In My Lap
Player’s Ball (Medley)
Land Of A Million Drums ft. Killer Mike
Call The Law ft. Janelle MonĂ¡e
Dracula’s Wedding
Rosa Parks
Funkin’ Around
Skew It On The Bar-B ft. Raekwon
Roses (Platurn Used To Say blend)
Wheelz Of Steel
Spottieottiedopaliscious (Hot 8 edit)
So Fresh, So Clean

DJ Jorun Bombay – Funkbox Reload: Spring Edition

Big up to Dooban for putting me on to this wicked mix from DJ Jorun Bombay out of Halifax, Canada.

Track listing: –

Richard Pryor Meets God (Intro)
The Emotions – Blind Alley (Jorun Bombay Exclusive Remix)
Big Daddy Kane – Ain’t No Half-Steppin’
Blueprint – Ain’t No Half-Smokin’
Fame Gang – Let Your Chicken Loose
Spox-PHD (Oxygen & DJ Spinna) – Chicken Scratch
Phill Most Chill & DJ Format ft. The Rampagers – Triple Threat MC’s
Emskee & E the 5th – Divine Reflection
Skratch Bastid, Pip Skid & John Smith – I Ain’t Lazy
Jorun Bombay – Jorun’s Way (A.K.A. Summajam)
Z-Trip (ft. Soup Of Jurassic 5) – Listen To The DJ
Def Jef – On The Real Tip
The Cut-Up 1 : (Funk Box On Ya Radio Dial)
Soul 2 Soul – Fairplay (Bonus Beats)
Mood Ruff – Rocket Ship
Public Enemy – Fight The Power
The JB’s – Hot Pants Super Highway (Jorun Bombay Exclusive Remix)
Beastie Boys – Check Check Your Rump (Jorun Bombay Exclusive Remix)
Miami – Chicken Yellow
The Cut-Up 2 : “Clap Your Hands To The Funk Box”
Jackie Robinson (Gitta Walther) – Pussyfooter

Phology – In Fidelity

A fat funk and old school hip-hop mix from Phology. There’s a bunch of cracking tunes in this. Don’t sleep! If you want to download this mix, click HERE.

Track listing: –

01 – Big Bad Mutha Fuka – Vol. 1 Track 23
02 – Jimmy McGriff – Criss Cross
03 – Laurie Johnson – Hijack Pt. 1
04 – Henryk Debich – Na Opak
05 – J.J. Johnson & His Orchestra – Harlem Clavinette
06 – The Mohawks – Pepsi
07 – Sadi – 4 Tet
08 – Franco Micalizzi – Bargain With The Devil Pt. 2
09 – Big Bad Mutha Fuka – Vol. 2 Track 59
10 – The Johnny Harris Orchestra – Here Comes The Boot
11 – Lamont Johnson Quintet – Chow Chung’s Theme
12 – Larry Robins Sport Studio – Are You Free?
13 – Eddie Warner – Keep Running
14 – Piero Montanari – Cobeweb
15 – Mandingo – Watching & Waiting
16 – Black, Rock & Ron – Getting Large
17 – World Class Wreckin’ Cru – Cabbage Patch
18 – D.S.T. – The Home Of Hip Hop
19 – World Famous Supreme Team – Hobo Scratch
20 – Mighty Ethnicz – Murder
21 – Captain Rock – Cosmic Blast
22 – M.C. Shan – Kill That Noise
23 – Peggy Lee – The Party’s Over

Street Sounds Sessions

Back in the early 1980s, the Street Sounds Electro albums were a huge influence on me and they’re largely responsible for getting me into hip-hop and electro. Not only did they feature some great tunes, they were really well mixed too. Fast forward more than 30 years and Street Sounds is still going, with the original founder, Morgan Khan, at the helm. Every week, Morgan and Andy Smith do a 2 hour podcast where they play tunes from the early Street Sounds era, including soul, funk, hip-hop and of course, electro. Each show is available as a download which you can check out, HERE. I believe that the Street Sounds guys are going to be launching a 24 hour radio station later this year, so if/when that happens I’ll post some details about it, but until then, big up to Morgan Khan for keeping Street Sounds alive!

Street Sounds!

DJ Pinx – Multiplicity

Here’s a fresh new mix from DJ Pinx out of Cornwall in the UK. The track listing doesn’t tell the full story, as the beginning of this mix contains a mash-up of a bunch of old school electro tunes. This is a really well put together mix. Enjoy!

Track listing: –

Intro – Chunks of Rhythm Scholar – Pinx Stitchup
Multiplicity (Chronicles of an 80’s B-Boy) – Pinx Mega mash
Bring the OOh’s (Wiseguys Vs Public Enemy Vs Fort Knox Five) – Pinx Mashup
Big Score – Fort Knox Five
Stone Roses Mash (Stone Roses Vs Afrika Bambaataa) – Pinx Mashup
Pump Up the Volume – M.A.R.R.S
Body Movin’ to the Bass Phenomenon (Krafty Kuts Vs The Beastie Boys) – Pinx Mashup
Super Massive Black Hole – Muse (Pinx Re-Groove)
Heatwave Jam (Newcleus Vs SkeeWiff) – Pinx Mashup
Itch & Scratch – Funk Ferret Edit
Rock the Funky Beat – The Breakbeat Junkie
Could this be Real – A.Skillz
Anthology – Krafty Kuts
Situation – Yazoo (Pinx 2014 Re-Groove)
Repercussion Mash – Featurecast (Pinx’s extended Edit)
Silently Getting the Plot Together (SkeeWiff Vs Fort Knox Five Vs KraftWerk) Pinx Mashup
Everybody – Dutty Moonshine & Kid Kasino
How You Like Me Now – Wick-it The Instigator

DJ Bee & DJ Law – Mr. Magic Tribute

The legendary Mr. Magic passed away back in 2009 of a heart attack. I found this excellent tribute show to him while bouncing around the web, so while this is a few years old now, it’s definitely worth a listen if you haven’t heard it. It’s from the Needle to the Groove radio show on 103 Jamz in Norfolk, VA, presented by DJ Bee and DJ Law. It’s not strictly a mix, as it features interviews and what not, but there’s plenty of mixing and scratching in there.

Mr. Magic

The show is split into 3 MP3s which you can download in a single ZIP file by clicking here, but make sure you also visit DJ Bee’s mixes page on his website for more good stuff.

DJ Spinbad – Live In India

Spinbad is an awesome mix DJ, both live and with studio mixes. Here’s a 45 minute mix recorded live in India in October last year. It features 46 tracks covering hip-hop, R&B and funk.

DJ Spinbad - Live In India

There’s no way to embed a player for this one, but you can check it out at Mixcrate or on Spinbad’s website. The track listing is quite long, so I won’t post it here, but it’s available on Mixcrate.