Switching to HTML5 and other stuff…..

Before today I was using Flash-based embedded players for audio. As many people now use their smartphones and tablets to browse the web, I’ve switched all of the embedded SoundCloud players to HTML5 versions. Unfortunately, Mixcloud still doesn’t offer a HTML5 option, so occasionally I might have to use Flash, but I’ll do my best to avoid it wherever possible.

Also, I plan on putting a lot more focus into adding content to this blog in 2014, so expect regular updates, rather than the somewhat sporadic updates that have been posted up until now!

So, SigmaMixes?

Hello! I don’t particularly like writing about myself, but I guess an introduction of some kind is required, so here goes: –

I’m Sigma, a DJ from Stafford, England. I’ve been DJing on and off (mostly off) since I first started dabbling with scratching in the 1980s. My main musical loves are old school hip-hop and electro, R&B/soul (particularly Angela Winbush and Stevie Wonder) and instrumental progressive rock. And NO, I’m nothing to do with Sigma, the drum & bass crew from London! 😛

I’ve been a huge fan of mixtapes since the days of the Street Sounds Electro series. I realise that the music is the most important thing when it comes to making a mix, but I also love mixes where the DJ goes that extra mile technically. I started dabbling with multitracking to make mixtapes several years ago after being inspired by mixes such as DJ Qbert’s Demolition Pumpkin Squeeze Muzik and DJ Babu’s Comprehension.

I bought some web space and a domain name with the original intention of having a place to host my mixes so that I could post direct links to them on forums, but after messing around with WordPress and seeing how easy it was to use, I thought I would also use this site to post up not only my own mixes, but also some of the best mixes I come across on the web.

If you’re reading this right now (Feb 19th, 2012) content is sparse, but I’ll be adding some great mixes to this site over the next few weeks! Each mix is tagged solely with the name of the DJ that created it, so clicking a DJ’s name will bring up all mixes from that DJ. I’ve split the mixes into genres which you can select in the menu bar, so hopefully navigating the site is easy, but if you have any suggestions to improve it then get in touch. 🙂


Sigma. 🙂